Elective Portaportals

Science Portaportals

Mr. Aldrich -- Global Citizenship & French
Mr. Corder -- Computer Class Links
Mr. DeVier-Scott -- STEM Explorations
Ms. Crowe-Beahm -- Family & Consumer Science
Ms. Falcioni -- Links for All Core Subjects
Ms. Jackson -- Family & Consumer Science
Ms. Jenkins -- Computer Sites
Ms. Lineweaver -- Library Links 
Mr. Stansberry -- Tech Ed
Ms. Stevens -- Family & Consumer Science
Ms. Thompson -- Art

Ms. Arenas -- 8th Grade Science
Mr. Bontrager - 5th Grade Science
Ms. Coltrane -- 6th Grade Science
Ms. Frye -- 5th Grade Science Links
Ms. Harper -- 7th Grade Science
Ms. Healy -- 5th Grade Science
Ms. Keesling
-- 7th Grade Science Links
Ms. Kiracofe -- 8th Grade Science Links
Ms. Lambert -- 7th Grade Science Links
Ms. Nelson -- 7th Grade Life Science
Mr. Youngdahl -- 7th Grade Life Science




Math Portaportals

Language Arts Portaportals

5th Grade Math -- 5th Grade Teachers
THMS & SKMS Geometry
-- Geometry Links
THMS Math Grade 6 -- Math Links
Ms. Avalos -- 7th & 8th Grade Math Links
Ms. Healy -- 6th Grade Math Links
Ms. Jackson -- Math Links 
Ms. C. Miller -- Math Links
Mr. Nussbaum -- Pre-Algebra & 678 Links
Ms. Pyle -- 7th Grade Math Links
Ms. Rose -- Math Plus Links  
Ms. Warns -- Math Links





Ms. Aigner -- 7th Grade Language Arts
Ms. Bacola -- 5th Grade Language Arts
Ms. Ballew
-- LEAP Language Arts
Ms. Berry -- Language Arts
Ms. Collins
-- 6th Grade Language Arts
Ms. D. Ferguson
-- Differentiation/Language Arts
Ms. Hagmaier
-- 8th Grade Language Arts
Ms. Harrison
-- 5th Grade Language Arts
Ms. M. Johnson -- 5th Grade Language Arts
Mr. Lechota -- Reading Links
Ms. McNett -- Reading Links
Ms. Mozingo -- Reading Links
Ms. Wimer -- Fun Activities & Class Links
Mr. S. Yoder -- Links for 7th Grade LA
Ms. Zahner -- Links for 8th LA



Health and PE Portaportals

ESL Portaportals
THMS PE Teachers --Links for Health & PE

Mr. Miller -- Links for ESL Students
Ms. Zahner -- Links for ESL Students

Great RCPS Portaportals (MMS)

Social Studies Portaportals

MMS -- 6th Grade Resources
MMS -- 7th Grade Resources
MMS -- 8th Grade Resources




Mr. Austin -- 6th Grade Social Studies
Ms. Bauder -- 5th Social Studies
Ms. Brooks -- 7th Grade Social Studies
Ms. LaSpina -- Ellis Island Tour & 7th Grade SS
Mr. Lotts -- 7th Grade Social Studies
Ms. Mozingo -- Social Studies
Mr. Quimby -- GPS, GIS and Mapping
Mr. P. Yoder -- ESL Social Studies

ITRT Portaportals

Edit Your Portaportal

Ms. Brantley - Research Resources 
ITRT -- General ITRT Resources
Ms. Lineweaver -- Middle School Resources
Ms. Roadcap -- Elem. & Middle School Resources 

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