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Massanutten Regional Library Partnership!

Massanutten regional library

We can now access most databases at the public library using the Student Access Page.

Stop by the Skyline Library to get your SAC ID number.

Our Little Free Library in the front of the school is open 24-7.
Donations are gladly accepted!

How a "Genrefied" Library like ours Works 

Genrefication is the term used for arranging books by the genre or the type of book. We have our fiction section arranged by genre, so students may browse through Adventure, Animals, Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Humor, Mystery, Realistic Fiction, Science Fiction, Sports, Novels, in Verse, , Nonfiiction, Biography, Romance, and Spooky. We are seeing mores tudents have success in finding books to read independently.


A Note about responsible reading

In a library that serves students ranging in ages from eleven to fourteen, a wide variety of materials are needed. What is interesting and appropriate for eleven-year-olds may not be interesting and/or appropriate for fourteen-year-olds and vice versa. When students first visit the library each year, Mrs. Parks will tell them that "Libraries are all about choice. If you choose a book that makes you uncomfortable or that would make your parents uncomfortable, please return it and find a book you can completely enjoy."

Parents can help students enjoy the library. Ask students what they are reading and talk to them about their choice.

If you have questions or comments, always feel free to contact Sandy Parks,