Harrisonburg City Schools Mathematics

In Harrisonburg City, we believe that all children can be successful mathematicians. 

Students today require rigorous mathematical knowledge and skills to pursue higher education, to compete in a techologically sophisticated work force, and to be informed citizens.  Students must gain an understanding of fundamental ideas and they must develop proficiency in mathematical skills.

The goals for all students are that they: become mathematical problem solvers, communicate mathematically, reason mathematically, make mathematical connections, and use mathematical representations to model and interpret practical situations.

exerpts from the VDOE curriculm framework

Virginia Department of Education

The Virginia Department of Education has many helpful resources on their site, including the Standards of Learning which forms the foundation of the HCPS curriculum.  

2009 Standards - 2017-2018 is a curriculm crosswalk year.  The SOL test in the Spring of 2018 will be on the 2009 standards.

2016 Standards - These standards will be assessed beginning December 2018.

Resources  - Many helpful items can be found here including vocabulary and other instruction resources.


Contacts and Policies

The Elementary Mathematics Coordinator for Harrisonburg City Public Schools is Amy Henderson.

The Middle and High School Mathematics Coordinator for Harrisonburg City Public Schools is Brian Nussbaum.

As with all material found on the Internet, teachers and parents should be very cafeful in allowing students to explore these sites unless direct supervision is provided.  Harrisonburg City Public Schools is not responsible for the content of various links beyond the initial levels of each site.

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