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Virginia's College and Career Ready English Performance Expectations

The English Performance Expectations explain the content and level of achievement students must reach to be academically prepared for success in entry- level, credit bearing English in college or career training.  Reading, writing, and communicating are the main areas that academic skill development must address.

Two Day Option for Administering Grade 4 and 5 SOL Tests

In the spring of 2016, school divisions will have the option of administering the grade 4 and 5 English SOL test over two days.  Similar to the grade 3 reading test, a section break has been added approximately half way through each test. As with the grade 3 test, each test can be administered in one day, with at least a fifteen-minute break between the two sections of the test, or the tests can be administered over a two-day period.

Below are examples of the increased rigor on the Reading SOL test:

Grade 3 Reading SOL Test

Grade 8 Reading SOL Test

End Of Course Writing