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Literacy Vision
We believe literacy is a continual process
of constructing meaning through listening,
speaking, reading, and writing.  Literacy skills develop best through meaningful tasks that engage students to learn for deep understanding while simultaneously fostering a confidence
in reading and communicating.

News from VDOE

Virginia's College and Career Ready English Performance Expectations

The English Performance Expectations explain the content and level of achievement students must reach to be academically prepared for success in entry- level, credit-bearing English in college or career training.  Reading, writing, and communicating are the main areas that academic skill development must address.


Shorter Version of Grades 3 through 8 Reading Standards of Learning Tests Administered in Computer Adaptive Testing Format- Spring 2018

The Virginia Department of Education will be implementing a Computer Adaptive Test (CAT) for all online grades 3 through 8 Reading Standards of Learning (SOL) tests (regular and audio) beginning in the spring 2018 test administration.  The online computer adaptive versions of the tests will be shorter than the traditional versions of the reading tests.  Since computer adaptive tests are customized to each student's ability level, fewer questions can be administered of the CAT format, the computer adaptive version of the test will be approximately 30 percent shorter in total test length than the traditional version.

Frequently Asked Questions about Computer Adaptive Testing


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