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A Place Where Learning Has No Limits and Together We Work for the Success of All

Welcome to the HHS Governor's STEM Academy

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HHS Governor's STEM Academy students and faculty work together in projects, research, and experiences where dynamic participation through integration of multiple disciplines and technologies enrich our studies.  Students and faculty grow together through reflection on both successes and failures and both are valued.

The Academy consists of three different pathways; Technology & Engineering, Mathematics & Science, and Health Care.  Each pathway is designed to meet the unique needs and interestes of our students while maintaining an overall emphasis on preparing our students for an ever changing world where collaboration and learning through experiences is our hallmark.

Welcome to the 2018-19 STEM school year!

First quarter has been busy and producive! Follow this link to see the first quarter STEM Academy newsletter for lots of details.

Fusing Collaboration, Relevance, and Dynamic Participation

Be involved! Make sure you communicate with your committee chair and work with them. The more involved you are the more you will get out of the experience!

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