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As an integral component of the instructional program, Harrisonburg's Elementary School Counseling program focuses on the developmental needs of children.  A systematic approach is used to enhance healthy social, emotional, and educational growth.  The Elementary School Counseling Program is designed to serve the needs of all children at each stage of their development.  Many children today face complex societal pressures and changes within their family structure.  As a result, children bring many issues and concerns to school with them.  A troubled child may experience difficulties learning.  Providing counseling services at the elementary level promotes developmental and preventive interventions that help guide children to have success at school.  To better serve children, elementary school counselors consult with parents and teachers, to coordinate efforts within the child’s total environment. When working with students, counselors help children better understand themselves and others.  Children are encouraged to make choices and decisions that will lead to effective functioning as students.


Through the Elementary School Counseling Program, the counselor will assist children in strengthening their skills to be better learners as well as productive contributing members of the school community.  Counselors will address developmental issues through classroom guidance and small group counseling.  Through individual counseling, small group counseling, and coordination of services, counselors will also help children with challenging personal issues and crises that interfere with learning and social development. 

School Counselor's Role

To accomplish these objectives, school counselors will perform specific functions in the following four areas: counseling, consulting, coordinating, and classroom guidance.

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