Cheat Sheets

Read OutLoud software 

Co:Writer cheat sheet 

TextHelp or Read/Write Gold start up-all middle and high

Forte Cheat Sheet

Accessible Book Collection  how to download, unzip books, and use in Read OutLoud  *directions for PC, if using a mac, unzipping will be different

How to download books from Accessible Books on a Mac-Video tutorial

Tarheel Reader How To

How to use Tarheel Reader with an iPad  

Dropbox-  Need to save large files, share large files or pictures with friends?  Check out dropbox-Free download that saves files from iPad, to computer, to phone..

Boardmaker Studio-Handbook

Transitioning from Boardmaker to Boardmaker Studio-handout from presentation in September 2014

How to add photos, pictures to Boardmaker Studio

Videos for all questions related to Studio


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