Assistive Technology

Enabling students with disabilities to succeed in our schools

Assistive Technology (AT) is legally defined as " any piece of equipment or product system, whether acquired commercially, off the shelf, modified, or customized that is used to increase, maintain, or improve functional capabilities of individuals with disabilities"(20 U.S.C., Chapter 33 Section 1401(25).

Assistive Technology Services are defined as "any service that directly assists a child with a disability in the selection, acquisition, or use of an AT device."

The Assistive Technology Department of Harrisonburg City Schools is committed to provide assistance to the educational staff and training for students and staff in the areas of technology, access issues, and implementation of accommodations for students with disabilities.

HCPS employs a team approach to assisting students and teachers with technology to meet individual needs.  The team will provide:
1. Consultation regarding students' needs and/or software needs.
2. Training on new devices, software, or equipment.
3. Assistive Technology assessments for students with IEPs who are referred.
4. Lending library of equipment, software, and books.

For information and questions regarding Assistive Technology please contact:
Joan Wingfield, Assistive Technology Resource Teacher at 540-434-2752.


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