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Welcome to the History and Social Studies webpage for Harrisonburg City Public Schools.

Program of Studies

Below is the program of studies in History/Social Studies for students in Harrisonburg City Schools. 
K-Introduction to Social Studies (Focus on the Community)
1-Introduction to Social Studies (Grade 1) (Focus on the Commonwealth of Virginia)
2-Introduction to Social Studies (Grade 2) (Focus on the United States)
3-Introduction to Social Studies 3 (Focus on Ancient World Cultures)
4-Virginia Studies (SOL test)
5-Regional Geography
6-United States History to 1865
7-United States History since 1865
8-Civics and Economics (SOL test)
9-World History 1 (Prehistory to 1500) (SOL test)
    World Geography (SOL test)
10-World History 2 (1500 to present) (SOL test)
     World Geography (SOL test)
11-Virginia and United States History (SOL test)
12-Virginia and United States Government