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Welcome to the History and Social Studies webpage for Harrisonburg City Public Schools.

Student Opportunities in Social Studies

High School:

Rho Kappa Honor Society

Students may join the Rho Kappa Honor Society for students of Social Studies after they have completed their 10th grade year.  Candidates should take Honors level social studies classes or higher, maintain grades of at least a B, and be active in the social sciences outside of school (visits to historical areas, polling, working with parties to campaign, working elections, etc).  The honor cord for Rho Kappa is Blue and White.

Service Learning Government

This class offers a hands-on experience in local government.  During the student's 12th grade year, U.S. and Virginia Government is a mandatory social studies class.  The service learning government course meets on alternating days throughout the school year.  Students take a faster paced version of the government class, then spend the last 12 weeks of the course working on a group project with one of the departments in our local government.  The final project for the class is a presentation to city council about their research.  Groups in the past have created recommendations on how the city can be more environmentally friendly, the best location for a new firehouse, made a promotional video for our transit system, and created informational brochures and a website for folks new to the area.  Service Learning Government is weighted as an honors class.

Youth in Government Club

Students participate in discussions on current issues and policies.  Students may attend Model General Assembly in the spring. Many years students also participate in Mock Trial, Mock Election, and Moot Court.  Dues are $12 and the club is affiliated with the Virginia YMCA.  See Mr. Moyers for more information on how to join.

Model General Assembly

MGA provides a hands-on experience in state government.  Students create bills, then head to Richmond where they participate in a two-day legislative simulation.  Students can assume the role of Senator, Delegate, Lobbyist, or Reporter.  Yearly elections are held for Youth Governor, Lieutenant Governor, House Speaker, and Attorney General for the state of Virginia.  MGA typically has over 40 schools from across Virginia participate.  This experience is run through the Youth in Government club.