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Welcome to the History and Social Studies webpage for Harrisonburg City Public Schools.

Government and Civics/Economics Resources

Civics and Economics specific resources:

ePAT--Pearson’s ePAT homepage.  Download practice SOL tests for your subject area.

SOLPass--Practice SOL tests for all levels.

ESL Civics--website featuring easy vocabulary and lots of pictures to help explain civics to ESL students

U.S. Government Resources:

iCivics-lots of interactive games regarding Civics and Government

Redistricting Game--Interactive game dealing with the process of redistriciting

The Atlantic Wire--written opinions and debates about current events

http://docsteach.org/--Site run through the National Archives and designed for US History and Government teachers. There are tons of activities and interactive primary source documents.

http://www.procon.org--site full of links to help classes debate contemporary controversial topics.  Links to both sides of each issue are available

Cartoons--Site providing lesson plans using Political Cartoons.  Cartoons and lesson plans are included for free.

Our Courts--Information, links, and games about the court system in the United States

Public Agenda--Explore contemporary issues facing government officials

Youth Leadership Initiative--Lesson plans, activities, and links regarding civics and government

White House Online--The official site of the White House--includes links to various departments that are a part of the executive branch--also provides biographies and pictures of all the Presidents

Supreme Court--photos of the current court with biographical data on each.  Also provides links to decisions of the Supreme Court and how each member voted.  Dissenting and concurring opinions also assessable.

Legislative Branch--information about Congress, joint committees, standing committees, and members.  Voting records, calendars, House and Senate rules, etc. are all accessible through this site.

House of Representatives Page--official page for the House of Representatives--status and text of bills and resolutions being considered, summary of House debates, addresses and numbers of members

U.S. Senate Page--official page for the U.S. Senate--history of the Senate, virtual tour, current activities of the Senate

FBI Page--information about the FBI and summary information about some of their investigations--section on crime statistics

CNN's All Politics Homepage--maintained by CNN and Time, features daily news articles and analysis and closer looks at global and domestic issues and events

Teaching History --primary sources, online multimedia, integration suggestions

Naturalization and Citizenship--Smithsonian's site called "Preparing the Oath", helping folks prepare for the citizenship exam.

Links to info and lessons about George Washington --Library of Congress lots of classroom lessons about George Washington

George Washington Lessons--Smithsonian Institute for lessons about George Washington

Discovery Streaming--Tons of downloadable or streaming videos from Discovery Education.  See your ITRT for login information

TeacherVision Graphic Organizers--Graphic Organizers for all levels and topics

http://animoto.com--Make a slideshow with customized music out of your pictures