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Welcome to the History and Social Studies webpage for Harrisonburg City Public Schools.

Resources for World History I & II

World Studies I Practice SOL Test--practice test to prepare for the end of course SOL test

World Studies I Practice SOL Test #2--even more practice for the EOC SOL test.

Mrs. Walton's SOL Practice Activities Page--still more SOL practice!

SOLPass--Practice SOL tests for all levels.

TeacherVision Graphic Organizers--Graphic Organizers for all levels and topics

Ancient Greece--everything you need to know about Ancient Greece

Ancient India--resources about India’s history, religion, and culture

Ancient China--resources about Chinese history, government, and culture.

Ancient Egypt--lots of pictures and information about Ancient Egypt

Silk Road Resources--maps and activities related to the Silk Road

Trade Routes and Info--links to resources and information regarding the Silk Road, Erie Canal, and other important shipping and trade areas.  Thanks to Mrs. Hotaling's class for the link.

ePAT--Pearson’s ePAT homepage.  Download practice SOL tests for your subject area.

British Museum--lots of information, exhibits, and pictures related to World History

Teaching History --primary sources, online multimedia, integration suggestions

Discovery Streaming--Tons of downloadable or streaming videos from Discovery Education.  See your ITRT for login information

WorldTrek.org--links to various world cultures and interactive activities for students

National Geographic Online--this site has searchable archives from past issues of National Geographic magazine--also has some interesting games and interactive activities for the student.

Web Museum of Paris--look up artists alphabetically or by time period and view pictures of the artist and samples of their work

Religious Tolerance--unbiased views on religions and other topics--links to Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, and other religions

The History Channel--tons of information (most of it is printable) regarding all types of History

The Library of Congress--historical collections, a POW/MIA database, country studies, Dead Sea Scrolls, exhibits on various countries and their histories, American historical documents

The Great Depression--a brief overview of the Great Depression.  Thanks to our friends at Brighter Futures Charter School in California for the link!

Practice World History II SOL Test #1--an on-line practice test for the end of course SOL

AP European Quiz page---Quizzes for AP History, European History, and History in general

Holocaust Archives--photographs and text dealing with the Holocaust--some pictures are very graphic--includes historical documents from German courts and a summary of the Holocaust

Holocaust Museum -- US Holocaust Memorial Museum official website features a history of the Holocaust as well as information on genocide

Auschwitz Photo Book-- An online photo book recounting the horrors of concentration and death camps in World War II.

Child Labor Photos-- 64 photos documenting American children working in mills, mines, factories, etc--immigration too

Expanding Horizons--discusses reasons for European expansion during the 15th and 16th centuries

http://animoto.com--Make a slideshow with customized music out of your pictures