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Welcome to the History and Social Studies webpage for Harrisonburg City Public Schools.

U.S. History Links (all levels)

Freesolstuff.com--tons of free SOL review for U.S. History I

SOLPass--Practice SOL tests for all levels.

ePAT--Pearson’s ePAT homepage.  Download practice SOL tests for your subject area.

U.S. History Practice SOL Test --scroll down the page to get the U.S. History Practice Test (2001 standards-High School)

U.S. History Released SOL Test--scroll down and click the Virginia and US History (2001) link

U.S. History Quiz page---Quizzes for AP History, European History, and History in general

History of Immigration--Links about the history, trends, and laws dealing with immigration

Discovery Streaming--Tons of downloadable or streaming videos from Discovery Education.  See your ITRT for login information

TeacherVision Graphic Organizers--Graphic Organizers for all levels and topics

American Wars Timeline--an excellent site with background information, dates, and pictures for all major American wars

Mission U.S.-Interactive role-playing site related to American Revolution.  You can sign up for other interactive games related to US History.

Child Labor Photos-- 64 photos documenting American children working in mills, mines, factories, etc--immigration too

Jamestown Adventure--Flash games about Jamestown

Historical Picture Collection--Lots of great pictures from important events in U.S. History

Teaching History --primary sources, online multimedia, integration suggestions

http://docsteach.org/--Site run through the National Archives and designed for US History and Government teachers. There are tons of activities and interactive primary source documents.

Naturalization and Citizenship--Smithsonian's site called "Preparing the Oath", helping folks prepare for the citizenship exam.

Monticello information- Monticello Classroom -images, primary sources, lesson suggestions regarding Jefferson

Links to info and lessons about George Washington --Library of Congress lots of classroom lessons about George Washington

First Thanksgiving--information and media about the First Thanksgiving

George Washington Lessons--Smithsonian Institute for lessons about George Washington

Military History of the U.S.--an excellent site with background information, dates, and pictures for all major American wars

The Great Depression--a brief overview of the Great Depression.  Thanks to our friends at Brighter Futures Charter School in California for the link!

Holocaust Museum -- US Holocaust Memorial Museum official website features a history of the Holocaust as well as information on genocide

Auschwitz Photo Book-- An online photo book recounting the horrors of concentration and death camps in World War II.

Colonial Williamsburg HomePage--resources on Williamsburg of yesterday and today.  Includes electronic field trips and discussions of the Revolution, African-American life in colonial society, and excellent timelines and a historical almanac.

American Civil War Page--photos by Matthew Brady taken during the Civil War, documentary records, primary sources, timelines, letters, etc.--a very comprehensive site

The Great War--poetry, images, art, and timelines dealing with American attitudes during World War I--links to various articles and biographies

Supreme Court--photos of the current court with biographical data on each.  Also provides links to decisions of the Supreme Court and how each member voted.  Dissenting and concurring opinions also assessable.

Archiving Early America--Includes historical documents from the 18th century and portraits from that era

http://animoto.com/--Make a slideshow with customized music out of your pictures